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Rinjani Trekking Route Map

Information about Altitude weathers and time walk, route from Senaru Village


Senaru Trek Center 601m Post I Post 2 Post 3 Crater Rim 1
Altitude 900m 1500m 2000m 2641m
Time’s Walk 1hour 2Hours 2hours 2hours
Weathers 20-25 C 18-22 C 15-20 C 12-19 C


Information about Altitude weathers and time walk, route from Sembalun Village

Sembalun Trek Center 1158m Post 1 & post 2 Post3 & Crater RIm 2 Summit Gunung Baru or New Mountain Segara Anak Lake
Altitude 1300m & 1500m 1800m & 2639m 2726m 2363m 2000m
Time’s Walk 2 Hours & 1 hours 1 Hours & 3 hours 3 Hours 5-6 Hours 3 Hours
Weathers 19-23 C & 14-18C 13-16 C & 10-15C 3-7 C 7-12 C 12-17C


Mount Rinjani Trekking Route and Map.




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